Her main interest and biggest fascination lies with instant composition. The making of the movement composition in the very moment creates an intensity in living time. Every split second offers countless choices. The readiness to meet any of these decisions is a fine art, demanding being alert, awake and extremely sharp. The ultimate here and now, completely present. An ongoing process, creating unique poetic images and moving stories that keep changing, evolving, resolving, opening up into new ones.

“I have always danced, visible and on the inside, in all shapes and forms. I cannot imagine to ever stop moving, movement is essential to life.
As my dancing career evolves, the dancing becomes more light, clear, enjoyable, bigger and more accessible, my decisions become more radical. The body continues to live through movement and feel at home in the movement even more. Movement itself has a great theatrical power by its very nature that is a rich source. Dancing offers the great possibility to let out the imaginative poetic surreal world as well as a fine sense of humour.”